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A balanced feed that is highly effective.

Highly digestible and none heating , excellent for restoring condition and an excellent source of protein . This cube contains yeast and all the vital minerals and vitamins a horse needs , the yeast stimulates fibre digesting bacteria to promote a healthy gut .

Tiny Tots is a very versatile cube and can be fed to all types of horses and ponies at rest work or competing at high levels , helps create muscle tone and slow release energy.

Digestible Energy 10.8MJ/KG
Oil 3%
Protein 7.5%
Fibre 20%
Ash 7.25%

analytical composition/m flake oat feed, wheat feed, cane molasses, H/P sunflower, limestone flour, actisaf 50%, mint liquid,

Feeding Guide:

Horse/Pony Typical Height Type Recommended maximum
Weight/kgs amount per feed kg

250 10 – 12hh Shetland, Dartmoor 0.9kg
Small Pony Welsh Sec A.
375 12.2 – 14.2hh Show Hunter Pony, Fell 1.2kg
Welsh Sec B and C
500 15 – 16hh Thoroughbred/X, Arab, 1.6kg
Arab X, Welsh Cob,
Connemara X
625 16.2 – 17.2 Eventer, Thoroughbred X. 2.0kg
Hunter, Warmblood, Sports


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