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Frickers Formula Conditioning Mix is very similar to Conditioning Cubes, but some fussier eaters may find the Conditioning Mix more palatable.

Frickers Formula Conditioining Mix is ideal for horses and ponies requiring ‘condition’. This can be for a variety of reasons, maybe they have lost weight over the winter, have come to you in poor condition, or simply need to look fabulous for the Show Ring.

It goes without saying of course that Frickers Formula Conditioning Mix contain all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals your horse needs. Oils provide the essential buidling blocks for building of condition, whilst the Full Fat Soya Oil not only works with your horses’ system to help create topline and other muscle tone, but also gives your horse a super shiny coat.

NB Conditioning Mix is not a substitute for bulk roughage such as hay or haylage which should always be readily available.

Digestiable Energy 12MJ/KG
Oil 5%
Protein 11.5%
Fibre 12%
Ash 7.75%

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